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If a CD is skipping, first ensure that the disc is working properly by checking to see if it plays on another device. If so, you'll have to uncover the problem in your CD player. Some common problems include: broken parts in the device, physical damage to the CD player, dirt within the player or, most commonly, damage to the lens.


My CD player has all of a sudden started to skip. The problem is with the player not the CDs - its doing it on a range of CDs all of which are normal pre-recorded commercially manufactured CDs which are clean and in good condition.


This eventually impairs the CD player’s ability to read the optical data on the CDs. With decent sub hundred dollar players available these days, replace that skipper! It makes little sense to put up with an annoying skipping CD player that’s more than a few years old. Perhaps the skipping CD player is simply outdated.


Causes of CD player skipping? Hello, I own a Sony CDP-M555ES 400 CD megachanger that has began skipping pretty badly, especially on tracks 1, 2, and sometimes 3. The problem seems worse with CD-R's and CD-RW's. The tracks will begin playing, and then the player will skip to another place on the track, to the beginning of the track, or to ...


The Skipping DVD Could be Damaged, Yes. The DVD itself may carry manufacturing flaws, or be scratched or dirty. It may be aging beyond its useful life (estimated to be approximately fifty years). Or the CD may have been damaged by improper cleaning techniques previously. The DVD Player Could be Broken. The player itself may be malfunctioning.


The most common cause for CD players to skip is dirty CDs. Other issues that can cause the problem include scratched CDs, badly made CDs, dirty drives and faulty drives. Most skipping CD players are caused by dirty CDs. The solution is to clean the CD, usually with a CD wipe, although a solution of mild soap and water does the same job.


A CD is a mechanical antique, use a memory chip instead. The CD player in my fairly new car began skipping. They replaced the entire thing under warranty. It also controlled the radio, phone, satellite receiver and backup camera. It plays Bluetooth from my phone very well.


Apart from scratched or damaged discs, CD players can have difficulty playing music if the device is out of alignment. Typically, players that cannot recognise a CD or have recurring problems with skipping need some basic cleaning and maintenance. You can perform these steps yourself.


Inside the CD player is a lens assembly that is on a geared track that runs in the direction from the center of the disc to the outside rim. I agree with rhizome that given the symptoms you have described there is a point along that track where whatever mechanism moves this assembly has trouble positioning it.


If a CD is skipping, first give it good clean using a CD wipe or mild soap and water. Dry carefully with a lint-free cloth in a straight line from the centre to the edge.