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To take the TSA CBT practice test, visit the TSA website, and select the TSA Practice Test link. Then locate the link for the sample interview questions. Practice answering these questions, and check the answers for guidance.


The CBT test for a TSA airport job refers to a computer based test. The focus of the CBT test is on the applicant's proficiency in the English language as well as their aptitude in interpreting x-rays. This is just one of many tests and assessments for TSA applicants.


Tests for tumor-specific antigen help diagnose cancer or monitor the effects of treatment in people who have been diagnosed with cancer, explains the National Cancer Institute. As of February 2015, there are more than 20 different tumor markers.


The Transportation Security Administration requires all applicants to pass a number of different tests, depending on which position they are applying for. Some of these tests include an aptitude test, a test of the person's English skills, a physical ability test and a ...


TSA practice tests can be found on the Admissions Testing Service official webpage. The training offered on this page is free and is designed to help users become familiar with the test style.


The Transportation Safety Agency, or TSA, works with regulators, transportation facilities, law enforcement and intelligence agencies to ensure the security of the nation’s transportation systems. Its mission is to ensure that people and freight are able to travel safel...


The Aviation and Transportation Security Act created the Transportation Security Agency on November 19, 2001. The government created the TSA as a direct response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.