Reasons for the Great Depression include the stock market crash of 1929, the dust bowl storms of the Midwest, uneven distribution of wealth and rapid industrial expansion. A universally accepted list of causes does not e... More »

A major cause of overproduction in the early 1900s was the boost new technology available to farms, businesses and homes, however this overproduction did not occur during the Great Depression. Actually, it was one of the... More »

The uneven distribution of wealth during the Great Depression was one of the causes of The Great Depression, as it led to an unstable economy. Other causes of the Great Depression were the stock market speculation and th... More »

The stock market crash and subsequent economic depression, known as the Great Depression, hit the deep South much harder than the rest of the country. Life was difficult for all Southerners, particularly African-American... More »

The stock market crash on Oct. 24, 1929, triggered the start of the Great Depression, but a combination of poor economic management and lack of government intervention caused the lasting recession. The economic prosperit... More »

In the 1920s, prior to the Great Depression, the distribution of wealth was uneven due to most of the money going to America's rich and not being evenly distributed to everyone in the United States. This type of distribu... More »

The stock market crash of 1929 and the subsequent financial panic that followed marked the beginning of the Great Depression. The stock market crash caused consumers to panic and banks to fail. More »