High staff turnover means an organization loses a relatively high percentage of employees compared to those it hires and retains. High turnover is costly for an organization because of the costs to hire and train a new w... More »

Divide the number of employees who left the organization during that specified time period by the average number of employees employed during the same period of time to find the employee turnover rate percentage. The low... More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

Staph infections are caused by the bacteria staphylococcus that enters the body through a cut or opening, explains WebMD. A staph infection can also develop from exposure through the feet when walking on bacteria-ridden ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Skin Conditions
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Company party games can contribute to team building by allowing employees to get to know each other, improving the communication skills between coworkers and creating positive memories among the staff to create a better ... More »

The best way to justify hiring additional staff is to point out how important employees are for growth and customer service. Companies depend on employees to create, handle and sell products and service, and new employee... More »

Management strategies involve the creation and implementation of strategies and initiatives that help provide direction to an organization's staff and are essential in helping companies maintain a competitive edge. Manag... More »

Labor turnover refers to how many employees in an organization leave their position in a designated time period, usually over the period of a year. Labor turnover is measured in a percentage of total workers and is a pop... More » World View Social Sciences