According to Thomas Kliche, former publisher of the Journal for Political Psychology and the chairman of the politics working group of the German Psychological Association, one of the leading causes of political corrupti... More » Government & Politics Crime

Greed, the desire for power and the wish to advance oneself in society are primary reasons for corruption. Corruption typically flourishes in societies in which there is a high value placed on money, power and station in... More » Government & Politics Crime

Reasons for vandalism include boredom, anger, racial and ethnic tensions, socioeconomic disparity and personal issues. Vandalism occurs in suburban and urban areas, and is committed by males and females. Vandalism is mos... More » Government & Politics Crime
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There are several strategies to help curtail political corruption, including engaging the media in covering high-profile corruption cases, changing public attitudes and establishing organizations to study and solve corru... More » Government & Politics Law

Two examples of political corruption include the Watergate scandal and the Guantanamo Bay files leak. Political corruption occurs when a public official attempts to gain something by abusing power. More » Government & Politics Crime

Some statistics on police corruption are that law enforcement reported 4,861 instances of police misconduct in 2010 and that police use of excessive force comprises 23.8 percent of law enforcement corruption. Per capital... More » Government & Politics Crime

"Graft and corruption" refer to unethical practices that lead to the advancement of those who are willing to cheat to get by. These two ideas have been a part of government almost as long as power structures have existed... More » World View Philosophy Ethics