Symptoms like dark urine and yellow eyes can be caused by a liver problem relates the Mayo Clinic. Another symptom of a liver not working properly can be light-colored stool. The yellow color of the skin and eyes is refe... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Some form of urinary tract problem typically causes dark urine in dogs, according to petMD and Hill's Pet Nutrition. Blood in the urine may contribute to its dark color, or crystals may be present that make the dog's uri... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

Dark urine is typically the result of inadequate fluid intake, explains WebMD, while incontinence is the product of several factors. These include an overactive bladder, excessive fluid intake, and irritation of the blad... More » Science Human Anatomy
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Causes of yellow eyes include conditions such as cirrhosis, bile duct obstruction, pancreatic cancer and blood disorders, such as sickle cell anemia and incompatibility reactions from a blood transfusion, states Healthli... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

The most common cause of dark or bright yellow urine is dehydration, which can be treated by drinking more fluids, notes Healthline. Eating carrots or carotene or taking complex B vitamins can also turn urine dark yellow... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

A dark yellow coloration of urine can be caused by many factors, while cloudy urine is often a sign of urinary tract infection, reports MedlinePlus. Causes of dark yellow discoloration range from side effects of certain ... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Generally, treatment for yellow tongue is unnecessary, according to Mayo Clinic. A person who is disturbed by the discolored tongue can use a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide to five parts of water daily. After bru... More » Health Pain & Symptoms