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Airborne particulate matter (PM) is not a single pollutant, but rather is a mixture ... that particulate matter in outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer.


The asthma epidemics were initially thought to be due to air pollution from ... better the extent of damage caused by air pollution, beyond the lungs.


When harmful chemicals, gases, and other substances are discharged into the air from various sources they cause air pollution.


Air pollution occurs when the air contains substances that can affect or even cause harm to humans, animals or the wider environment.


... or against all health hazards that may be caused by indoor air pollution. ... Older children who have been exposed to secondhand smoke may have slightly ...


Oct 31, 2016 ... The satellite imagery confirms that around 2 billion children live in areas where outdoor air pollution, caused by factors such as vehicle ...


Jul 3, 2021 ... Top-ten kinds of air pollution; What are the causes of air ... Breathless book: factoid 90% of the world's children are breathing toxic air.


Apr 19, 2018 ... 10 Causes of Air Pollution · Combustion from Industry. Almost all of the common air pollutants can be produced by industrial processes.


Mar 9, 2020 ... Household cleaning supplies are another common cause of indoor pollution. Harsh chemicals that give off fumes can irritate your nose, mouth and ...


Apr 3, 2020 ... Obesity may be more common in children with asthma because respiratory problems may cause them to play and exercise less frequently. A well- ...


Feb 9, 2018 ... Air pollution can cause respiratory diseases, due to the pollutants ... lung cancer and acute lower respiratory infections in children.