Condensation occurs when a vapor gas cools beyond its saturation limit and liquid begins to form. Because the water vapor releases its heat during this process, condensation is a warming process. More » Science Physics

Condensation in AC ducts can be caused by improperly sealed openings or a lack of proper insulation around the AC duct. Condensation occurs when the outer portion of the duct work is cooled down and comes into contact wi... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Condensation develops in headlights when the headlight housing does not vent properly. This is exacerbated when the car is parked in a shady or damp area. Condensation sometimes appears as a coating of mist on the inside... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance
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The process of a gas changing to a liquid is called condensation, and for condensation to take place, the environment has to reach maximum vapor pressure, generally through a lowering of temperature in the case of the wa... More » Science Chemistry States of Matter

When a material or substance cools and goes from a gas state to a liquid state, this process is known as condensation. More » Science Chemistry States of Matter

Most heat exchangers are designed in such a way that one fluid, usually a gas or liquid, passes through a tube or metal separator, while another fluid circulates around the partition. This allows for the heat exchange to... More » Science Physics

Condensation is the name of the process through which gas turns into a liquid. Three common states of matter exist: solids, liquids and gases. Matter, however, can change its state with the addition or subtraction of ene... More » Science Chemistry States of Matter