A Catholic memorial Mass is a service to honor a deceased person when the body or cremated remains are not present. It is usually celebrated within 30 days of the death after the deceased is buried elsewhere. More »

At its core, the Catholic Mass is the representation of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross. The Catholic priest uses Jesus' words at the Last Supper to change bread and wine into Christ's body and blood, which h... More »

The Catholic Mass is an act of worship to God in which the members of a Catholic community come together to pray, profess their faith, listen to the scriptures and participate in the Eucharist. Catholics believe that the... More »

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Some suggested daily petitions for a Catholic Mass include prayers for the Pope, sick people, unemployed people and anyone in distress. People also pray for peace and justice in the world. More »

A Catholic Mass card is a church donation requesting an offering of Mass for a particular intention. Masses are usually offered to pray for the ill, deceased and those in difficult circumstances. The donor receives a Mas... More »

A Catholic healing mass is a special celebration of the mass that aims at helping people find healing in whatever areas they may require it. Although according to the Catholic Church the mass itself has certain healing p... More »

The duration for an average Catholic Church mass varies widely depending on the church but is usually between 20 minutes and an hour. A Mass can last over 90 minutes during special events such as the Easter Vigil and ord... More »