A confirmation sponsor's role is to spiritually walk with the candidate during the preparation for the sacrament and witness the candidate's acceptance of the sacrament. A sponsor is a supporter of faith growth in the ca... More »

At a Catholic confirmation, a person who has previously been baptized is initiated into full discipleship with Christ by the laying on of hands of a bishop or priest. Confirmation is a sacrament that deepens one's relati... More »

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Confirmation is one of the seven sacraments that Christ gave the church. The sacrament indicates that a person's faith is confirmed and strong. A person who is confirmed also accept... More »

Confirmation is a holy sacrament and rite of passage in the Catholic church, so a confirmation card should offer congratulations to the recipient. Confirmation cards may also be an opportunity to offer religious blessing... More »

Communion gifts are items or mementos offered to a person who has participated in the sacrament of First Communion, which is a church ceremony initiating the participants into the communion portion of the Catholic Mass o... More »

To prepare for a candlelight communion service, select scriptures that relate to the sacrament of communion from the Bible, choose songs and hymns for the congregation to sing that focus on the bread of life, organize vo... More »

Through the sacrament of confirmation, Catholics commit to following the path of Jesus and growing spiritually in service to others. Confirmation is a conscious statement of commitment to live by Christ's teachings. Conf... More »