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Problems that affect a cat’s lower urinary system often prevent the bladder from emptying correctly or may even cause fatal blockage of the urethra, the tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body.


Best Cat Food For Urinary Health – Top 5 Selections of 2018 Cats are known to be among the best pets that you can possibly have in your home. However, they are faced with a number of health problems in their daily lives.


Best Cat Food for Urinary Health Problems (TOP 5) An estimated 3% of house cats below the age of 10 have some form of chronic kidney disease (CKD.) This number increases dramatically as a cat enters its senior years , with up to 30% of older cats ages 10 or over being reported to have some form of CKD.


A cat urinary problem can be caused by many things. Most common is a urinary tract infection.Bladder stones can also cause problems. Less common are tumors and anatomical abnormalities of the urinary tract.


Cats; Cat Health & Wellness; Urinary Problems in Cats How to deal with urine marking, litter box issues and urinary infections. ... Some of the most common questions and concerns about cats as pets relate to urinary problems. What might be seen as "spraying" and ignored, could be urinary tract irritation or infection.


If your cat suffers from urinary health problems, the Wysong Uretic Feline Diet Dry Cat Food recipe may be exactly what you need. This formula has been perfected over three decades and it was created by a veterinarian to target your cat’s immune and urinary systems for optimal urinary health.


Cat Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms and Solutions. Urinary tract disease in cats is a big deal. In fact, one of the most common reasons cats are abandoned to animal shelters (and sometimes euthanized thereafter if they can't be re-homed) is due to urinary issues.


For cats that suffer with urinary problems, a cat food for urinary tract health can promote a fast recovery and relieve discomfort all while preventing the recurrence of crystal formation in the urinary tract.


Many cats suffer each day because of the water-depleted diets (read: any dry kibble) that humans insist on feeding to them. Out of all of the subjects discussed on my website, urinary tract health – especially urethral obstructions – is the subject that I am most passionate about.


The urinary health of your cat is incredibly important. If your cat begins displaying symptoms of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) – such as straining in the cat litter box, having increased urination, showing blood in the urine, urinating in an unusual spot (often soft or smooth surfaces) or excessively licking the genitals–your cat should see a vet right away.