When casting metal at home, invest in a compact metal foundry that uses readily available materials. Consider using wood charcoal instead of natural gas as fuel. Locate a local commercial foundry to find casting sand and... More »

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Metal casting molds are classified in two types: open and closed. With open molds, molten metal cools down inside a cavity with the opening exposed to the environment. Closed molds, the preferred type for manufacturing, ... More »

Make a bronze casting by creating a clay sculpture, then making a rubber mold for the wax sculpture, followed by a ceramic mold to produce the bronze casting. The whole process can take several days or longer to complete... More »

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To build a metal work bench, the materials needed include 1/4-inch thick metal plate that is 24 by 30 inches, four 36-inch-long 2.5-inch-diameter metal pipes, four 15-inch-long 2.5-inch-diameter metal pipes and two 27-in... More »

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Milling machines "machine" or carve or cut materials, such as wood and metal, into different shapes for various projects and applications. They are often computer-aided design directed; however, traditional, manually dir... More »

Proper use of a home air quality test kit usually involves following the kit's instructions for collecting surface or airborne samples using the materials included in the kit and mailing the samples to the specified labo... More »

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Good sustainable modular home materials include recyclables such as glass, metal and concrete; natural materials harvested from renewal resources such as managed forests; and other manufactured materials made with resour... More »

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