As of 2014, the going rate for a wedding gift of cash is $150; however, if the bride or groom is a family member or close friend, guests may want to increase the cash gift if finances allow. A more extravagant and expens... More »

The appropriate amount of cash to give as a wedding present differs in various situations. If the recipients are acquaintances or distant friends, etiquette dictates that $75 to $100 is an appropriate gift. If the recipi... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

An appropriate cash gift for a wedding is $150. The exact amount depends on the relationship between the couple and the person gifting it. More »

It is recommended to spend about $150 on a wedding gift if you are a close friend or family member of the couple, and this is a good minimum for a member of the bridal party. The more expensive the bridal party costs are... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

Traditionally, the groom's family has paid for expenses such as the marriage license, corsages, boutonnieres, the bride's bouquet, alcohol and the reception DJ or band. However, modern weddings are more flexible, so this... More »

For a wedding, parents of the bride or groom often give a significant household item, such as a bookshelf, coffee table or dining table. Dining room wares, including formal flatware, wine glasses and family heirloom chin... More »

Traditional responsibilities for the groom's parents include hosting a dinner for the bride's family and hosting the rehearsal dinner. They provide names for the groom's side of the guest list. They may also share inform... More »