Cash Explosion lottery tickets with "ENTRY" appearing three times are eligible for online registration at Lottery players can mail in such tickets for the chance to appear on the Cash Explosions game sho... More »

To be a contestant on the "Cash Explosion" game show, purchase a Cash Explosion instant ticket, scratch the ticket, and confirm that the ticket contains the word "Entry" on it three times. Visit, and ente... More » Art & Literature

As of 2015, interested persons can get an entry ticket for Ohio's Cash Explosion by getting a successful entry ticket through a $2 Cash Explosion instant scratch ticket. Tickets are purchasable from Ohio Lottery retailer... More » Hobbies & Games Contests & Gambling

The letters on a scratch off lottery ticket indicate the amount of money that person has won. According to, the letters are abbreviations for the winning prize amounts on the ticket. More »

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