There is a level of pain involved in all body piercings, including cartilage. For a cartilage piercing, a needle is inserted into the upper cartilage of the ear, and it is typically more painful than standard skin pierci... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

A cartilage piercing, also called a helix piercing, is one of the more painful ear piercings. The cartilage is thicker than the lobe, so the piercing gun or needle works a little harder to penetrate it. More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches

A cartilage piercing is removed by removing the captive bead. The captive bead is one of the most popular jewelry designs used in cartilage piercings for its easy and convenient removal. More »

Nape piercings are one of the more painful types of body piercings due to the location. Located at the back of the neck, these piercings hurt the thin and taught skin. More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

In the United States, body piercing laws vary by state, but most states require parental permission for body piercings under the age of 18. Sometimes, this explicitly excludes earlobe piercings. More »

A nose piercing hurts more when compared to other body piercings, including ear piercings. A nose piercing involves inserting a sterile needle through a nostril or through the septum, both of which are made of cartilage. More »

Like all piercings and permanent body modifications, nose piercings do hurt. A nose piercing hurts somewhat more than a belly or ear piercing due to location, but the piercing professional may be able to apply topical an... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing