Purchase Cartier eyewear at Cartier boutiques or online at Cartier.com. Cartier eyewear is also available at stores that carry designer eyewear and accessories, such as Poshmark. More »

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Online retailers, such as Vision Express and Designer Eyes, carry various styles of Cartier frames. The official online Cartier store also sells the frames, as well as accessories and other Cartier products like jewelry ... More »

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Versace offers a catalog of sunglasses for women, men and youth on its website. For other forms of eyewear, customers can view a collection at FramesDirect.com. More »

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Cartier glasses are designer eyewear made by the French jeweler Cartier. Cartier makes glasses for both men and women, in both prescription and sunglasses styles. The company also offers a line of Precious Eyewear, eyegl... More »

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Jacques Cartier was a French explorer who claimed parts of Canada for France during his exploration of North America in 1534. He was responsible for mapping the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Saint Lawrence River, both o... More »

Cartier watches are made with high-quality materials throughout, including the sapphire lens, and should have a hefty weight and a smooth winding mechanism. Impostors may have glued on parts and misspellings on the logo ... More »

Jacques Cartier, a French navigator, and his crew formed the first European expedition that sailed up the St. Lawrence River and established the French claim to territory in Canada. Cartier was born in St. Malo's seaport... More »