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In general, the cheapest cars to insure are the most inexpensive and those that cost the least to repair, says Forbes. As of 2015, these vehicles include family minivans and SUV crossovers. Cars with lower horsepower and those that are unlikely to be stolen are also cheaper to insure, explains Kelle


Compare car insurance rates by going online to one of the many Web pages offering car insurance comparisons, such as Geico, NerdWallet or Esurance. Use these services to get real quotes from various companies, and compare them side by side. Not all services participate in quote comparison searches,


As of 2015, the cheapest cars available in the United States include the Nissan Versa, Chevy Spark, Kia Rio LX and the Ford Fiesta, according to Autobytel. Each of these automobiles sell for less than $15,000 brand new.


Lists of the year's cheapest new cars can often be found on money or car sites such as AutoTrader.com or Forbes.com. Car review sites such as Edmunds.com or MotorTrend.com can also be used to sort cars by a particular feature, including price.


In the United States, Oregon is the least expensive state in which to purchase a car, while Alaska, New Hampshire, Montana and Hawaii follow close behind. The price of car ownership includes several factors, such as state and local taxes, the cost of state registration and dealer documentation fees.


Find average car insurance rates by going to the Value Insurance website and navigating to the Average Cost of Car Insurance page. When looking for a car insurance provider, it is helpful to compare insurance rates to get the best deal, according to DMV.org.


Get cheaper car insurance rates by shopping different insurance carriers, bundling policies, keeping good driving records, maintaining good credit and purchasing the correct amounts of coverage, suggests About.com. Additionally, investigate discounts offered by car insurance companies, such as those


Insurance ratings rank the financial strength of insurance companies. These ratings, similar to a credit rating, are the result of efforts of independent agencies whose job it is to report their findings.


The most important factor to consider about insurance ratings is how the policy determines the rate. Two major factors that affect the how much policyholders pay for insurance are underwriting and the rating system that a company adopts, according to InsureUonline.org.


According to USA Today, there are a few ways that consumers can get the best insurance rates. Examples of tips to help save on insurance include buying multiple polices from the same company, raising the deductibles, comparing rates from multiple companies, maintaining good credit and looking for di