Selective breeding, also called artificial selection, is carried out by mating animals or crossing plants with desired characteristics or traits to produce offspring in which those traits are more dominant, according to ... More »

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Restriction of Hazardous Substances compliance testing is carried out by a company such as Laboratory Testing Inc. or Element in its lab using spectroscopy and chemistry to measure the levels of RoHS substances in test s... More » Business & Finance Industries

Selective breeding is the process of choosing a breeding stock of an animal based on specific traits that a breeder wants to reproduce in the offspring. There are two types of selective breeding or artificial selection. More »

One advantage of artificial selection, a process by which humans control the development of a plant or animal by choosing which traits to emphasize during breeding, is that it allows for an emphasis on certain beneficial... More »

Selective breeding allows the breeder to select traits which they find desirable and mate their stock so that the trait becomes more common with each generation. A side effect of selective breeding is that often undesira... More »

Cloning is the process used to create an exact genetic copy of an organism while selective breeding is the process used to produce particular characteristics and traits in organisms. Some types of cloning can occur natur... More »