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To install a carpet, lay down tackless strips and underpads, measure the room, cut the seams, and lay down the new carpet with a knee kicker, carpet stretcher and a stair tool. You need a stapler, duct tape, hammer, chalk line, measuring tape, strip cutter, seam iron, wall trimmer and a rolling pin


In order to install carpet yourself, begin by removing old carpet, then put the underpad down, climatize the new carpet, make measurements, and cut the new carpet. Set the seams of the carpet, and attach it.


To install a carpet in a car, remove everything fastened to or through the old carpet, remove the old carpet, measure and cut the new carpet, install the replacement carpet, and bolt all of the items that were removed back into place. Choose a carpet that is flexible enough to conform easily to the


When installing wall-to-wall carpeting, clean and prep the room first. Measure the room to determine the area the carpet should cover, and add a few inches to the length and width when trimming the carpet to size. Place plywood next to the wall and baseboard to protect them while hammering in the ta


As of 2014, carpet installers are usually tipped $10 to $15 per job when the job includes removing old carpeting, installation and cleanup. For installation only, carpet installers are usually tipped $5 to $10 each.


While tipping carpet installers is ultimately a personal decision, it is generally not necessary. Contractors, such as carpet installers, typically charge the customer a fair price for the planned work and do not anticipate a tip.


The majority of carpet installers routinely install carpet on stairs but usually charge more for it than standard services. CFIInstallers.com provides a searchable database of certified installers. Friends or family members who have had carpet installed may also provide a recommendation for a reliab


Equipment needed for carpet installation includes a tack strip cutter, a hand stapler, a wall trimmer, a top cutter, a carpet knife, a stair tool and a power stretcher. Basic tools such as a hammer, measuring tape and razor knife are also useful.


A carpet installer must be able to read floor sketches, take accurate measurements, follow standard safety procedures and operate power tools. Carpet installers must also know how to sew carpet seams, join carpet seams with tape and heated glue, install carpet padding and use hand tools in a safe ma


The average price of carpet installation for 500 square feet can range from $1,673 at the lower end to an upper range of nearly $2,190, as of January 2015, notes homewyse. This translates to an average price for carpeting per square foot that ranges from $3.35 to $ 4.38