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Companies that sell carpet seconds include Georgia Carpet Industries, DaltonCarpet.com, Carpet Depot, OwenCarpet.com and Pelletier Rug Company. Georgia Carpet Industries, which is located in Dalton, Georgia, sells carpet remainders for residential consumers. The company stocks Berber, frieze, and cu


One good way to remove carpet is to fold the carpet over itself and then cut it into strips. Another way to remove carpet is to simply pull the carpet up from the floor with pliers or by hand.


Two carpet recycling companies are Carpet Recycling Services and Carpet Cycle. Carpet Recycling Services operates in Delaware, Long Island and New England. Carpet Cycle serves various locations on the East Coast from Maine to Washington, D.C.


Fabrica is a top carpet brand, according to Georgetown Carpet. This luxury brand features fine wool and nylon residential carpets. Fabrica also manufactures area rugs.


There are various ways of cleaning a carpet depending on the type of carpet, the stain involved and equipment needed in the cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning makes subsequent cleaning easier. Vacuum the carpet once a week, especially in dirt-prone areas.


Carpet removal companies typically offer services that include moving furniture, removal of the old carpet and recycling or disposing of the carpet, padding and materials. Some companies clean the site after carpet removal. Many companies perform background and criminal checks on their workers, in a


Use a carpet knife to cut a carpet smoothly and get the edges you desire without damaging adjacent surfaces. You must mark the cut line, make the cut and trim the carpet. You also need a wall trimmer and a stair tool.


According to FamilyHandyman.com, the best way to cut carpet is to pull about a 3-foot strip off of the floor, fold this section over the carpet that is still secured to the floor and cut the carpet from the back. The best knife to used for this is a sharp utility knife. Be careful not to cut the bas


Mohawk, Shaw Floors and Godfrey Hirst Carpet are all good carpet manufacturers, according to AreaFloorsOnline.com. Mohawk's SmartStrand carpet line, Shaw Floors' Anso Nylon carpet line and Godfrey Hirst Carpet's Easy Living @ Home carpet line offer a good mix of high durability and easy maintenance


Some popular carpet manufacturers include Mannington, Mohawk, Beaulieu of America, Gulistan, Karastan and Shaw, note Consumer Reports and Floor Covering News. Carpet retail stores can be found online at the World Floor Covering Association's website, WFCA.org. In order to locate a retailer of a spec