Carlton Pearson Ministries is also called New Dimensions Ministries and operates a home for unwed mothers, a home for ex-offenders transitioning back to the community, a licensed counseling center and a 645-acre horse ra... More » World View Religion Christianity

Carlton Pearson is married to Gina Marie Gauthier, a professional life coach and yoga instructor. The couple married in 1993 when Pearson was 40 years old. They have two children, Julian D'Metrius Pearson and Majest� Amo... More » Art & Literature

In August 2015, Carlton Pearson’s wife did file for a divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The divorce papers claim the filing is the result of incompatibility issues, completely destroying the legitimate aims of the marriage. Pi... More »

Carlton Pearson's first wife is Gina Marie Pearson, born Gina Marie Gauthier. She is Pearson's only wife, although she filed for divorce in August 2015. More »

RBC Ministries is most famous for its popular devotional booklet, "Our Daily Bread." "Our Daily Bread" now appears online as well as in print format. In 2015, RBC Ministries changed its name to Our Daily Bread Ministries... More » World View Religion Christianity

You can find different Christian ministries by consulting a Web directory, such as the Domain Directory of Christian Organizations and Educational Institutions of the Institute for Christian Leadership. You can also sear... More » World View Religion Christianity

According to its website, New Life Ministries is a restructured church that preaches the kingdom of God to change lives. The church congregates to praise God and hear God’s voice. New Life Ministries accepts one God who ... More » World View Religion Christianity