The CaringBridge guestbook is a place for visitors to a CaringBridge website to share personal messages. CaringBridge websites allow individuals to share and receive support during times of need, particularly related to ... More » Technology Social Media

The CaringBridge Virtual Visit system is an online system that families, friends ands relatives can use to communicate without visiting a patient at the hospital. This system involves the use of free online and mobile se... More » Technology Social Media

To connect with family and friends with CaringBridge during an illness or injury, create a personalized page, add a description and send the link to your contacts. Add photos and journal entries to keep your family and f... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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People can set up individual sites on CaringBridge about their own illnesses or about the illness of someone else. The site makes it possible to post updates about one's condition, and others can reply with encouraging w... More » Technology Social Media

CaringBridge is a free website dedicated to providing a space for family and friends to connect with and support each other during a medical crisis, states the website. Funded solely by donations and volunteers, CaringBr... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

One of the benefits of CaringBridge is the ability to create a custom, personal website through which the user may communicate with friends and family during a time of hardship, including posting journal entries and shar... More » Business & Finance

Contact CaringBridge via mail, phone, fax or by submitting feedback on a special form on its website, The website publishes the mailing address, phone and fax numbers for its main office in Eagan, Minne... More » Health Conditions & Diseases