To take care of a hedgehog, a person must buy the appropriate living environment, purchase high-quality food, learn how to handle the hedgehog and watch out for common health issues, such as obesity, anorexia and diarrhe... More » Pets & Animals Pets

When caring for baby hedgehogs, make sure that they're warm. Rescuers recommend a temperature of around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Feed them every hour or so at first. Do not feed them with cow milk; instead, use a substitut... More » Pets & Animals Mammals

To take care of a ferret, check that it is neutered or spayed, feed the pet regularly, and make a spacious cage. Ensure the ferret gets supplements, if needed, and regular bathing. More » Pets & Animals Pets
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Individuals should take care of the environment to reduce the risk of toxic pollutant exposure, eliminate the waste that consumes landfills and improve the overall health of communities, according to the Environmental Pr... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation

Pet sitting is a service in which someone is paid to take care of another person's pet. It often involves things like the pet sitter coming to stay at the home with the pet while the owner is on vacation. More » Pets & Animals Pets

Take care of a bearded dragon by providing it with a proper enclosure, giving it enough lighting, keeping the temperature high, and feeding and watering it properly. While a young bearded dragon can live comfortably in a... More » Pets & Animals Pets

Create a living will, also known as an advance health care directive or health care proxy, by completing a form instructing a designated person as your representative, notes the American Bar Association. Your representat... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning