Double knockout roses are self-cleaning and bloom every 5 to 6 weeks. Plant them in early spring. You need a soil test kit, lime or sulfur, the rose plants, a shovel, manure or compost, and mulch. More »

To propagate roses from cuttings, remove stems from an existing plant, dip them in rooting hormone and place them in a potting mix for several weeks. Complete this process in the late summer or early fall. More »

If Knock Out roses aren't pruned, they don't produce as many flowers or grow as well, according to Gardening Know How. Nonetheless, the NC Cooperative Extension recommends that Knock Out roses shouldn't be pruned for the... More »

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Knockout roses should be pruned just as buds break dormancy. The perfect time to prune is when buds have swelled, but not yet shown leaves. This can be anywhere from February to May, depending on your U.S. Department of ... More »

Prune Knock Out roses by cutting the branches at an angle one-fourth of an inch above an outward-facing bud using a pair of bypass pruning shears, states North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension. Wait until ... More »

Knockout roses are almost a "stand alone rose," meaning they take no special care and can be planted and left. However, some special care can be taken to ensure great looking flowers. More »

To trim Knock Out roses, prune them during the second season of growth, trim them vigorously in late winter, and then shape the bush during the growing season. Remove dead or diseased wood, and cut away limbs that rub to... More »