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Learn more from our guide on the top 10 basic duties of a caregiver. 10 Duties of a Caregiver. Although a caregiver’s work varies with different sets of duties each day, there are some basic tasks that remain the same when caring for a parent or senior loved one.


A caregiver’s duties vary depending on their relationship with the person they’re helping, and how much support that individual needs. In most cases, caregivers are family members or friends who offer in-home, non-medical assistance. Caregiver duties and responsibilities can include:


View our caregiver task sheet to learn of the services and assistance we offer for aging adults. Learn more, call Family & Nursing Care at 800.588.0517. View our caregiver task sheet to learn of the services and assistance we offer for aging adults. Learn more, call Family & Nursing Care at 800.588.0517.


Caregiving roles take on countless shapes and forms. They assist older adults, the ill, and the disabled friends and family members. They help every day in small and big tasks. But if the caregiving responsibilities become too demanding, over time they become exhausted and stressed.


A caregiver—sometimes called an informal caregiver—is an unpaid individual (for example, a spouse, partner, family member, friend, or neighbor) involved in assisting others with activities of daily living and/or medical tasks.


A caregiver refers to a person who assists the elderly by doing a number of tasks. A caregiver will usually visit the home of a senior, but also may work out of a nursing care facility as part of the staff.


Alzheimer's care: Simple tips for daily tasks. Alzheimer's caregiving takes patience and flexibility. To reduce frustration, consider these tips for daily tasks — from limiting choices and reducing distractions to creating a safe environment.


A caregiver duties checklist can include many tasks, chores and assignments. However, caregivers need to remember that one of the most important things they can do is be a companion to their client. Spend time with them, talk to them and get to know them while completing tasks.


Caregiver Task Sheet Please check off the tasks that you would like a caregiver to provide Personal Care q Bed Bath/Sponge Bath q Tub/Shower q Shampoo Hair ... **Board of Nursing regulations preclude caregivers from assisting with any other elements of colostomy or catheter care.


Home Care Tasks Checklist. Directions: This checklist is to help identify the tasks required to be completed by a home care worker. For each question, answer if help is needed and indicate how often. This will help in determining who to hire to work in the home.