Some good paying careers in child development include in-home childcare center administration or management, daycare director and preschool or nursery center director. As of 2014-2015, the average salaries for these care... More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries

Professionals who must take child development courses include day care workers, teachers, child psychologists and nurses. Child development programs include classes on physical growth, infant and early childhood cognitio... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Some courses that are typically required to earn a degree in child development include sociology, psychology and lifespan development. Child development degree candidates must also pass classes in early mathematics and s... More » Education Colleges & Universities
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The average national salary for a qualified child development associate in the US ranges from $25,000 to $37,000, according to The actual salary varies depending on previous training, location, years of exp... More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries

The basic coursework for a preschool teacher degree program includes child development, classroom management and behavior, curriculum methods and instructional design. The educational requirement for a preschool teacher ... More » Business & Finance Careers