According to, there are several rewarding careers that involve working with children. Teaching remains a popular career choice among people that wish to make a difference in a child's life. To earn a sa... More »

Some typical child-focused careers include teacher, pediatric medical worker, coach and camp director, according to Career Builder. There are many careers that involve working with children, focusing on the things one wa... More »

Careers that involve children often focus on education, including such job titles as teacher, sports coach, camp director and librarian. Other jobs involving children can be found in the helping professions and include j... More »

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People who want to work with children with special needs can find careers in special education; other possible jobs include early intervention specialist, educational audiologist and occupational therapist. Several areas... More »

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3-D modeling and cartooning are two common art careers. While 3-D artists are likely to work as parts of larger design teams, cartoonists often have the freedom to work on their own. More »