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Crafters can personalize and print their own cards through online card making and design websites such as Canva.com and PSPrint.com. These sites usually offer a mix of free and paid cards and require users to sign up for a free account.


Some sites that offer free printable cards include Blue Mountain, American Greetings and Got Free Cards. These sites offer a range of printable cards for many different occasions.


As of July 2015, BlueMountain.com offers a variety of free printable cards for all occasions that can be customized with a personal message before printing. AmericanGreetings.com and GreetingsIsland.com also offer free printable cards, including cards for birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.


Online printing is a way to get documents printed in bulk and delivered, simply by submitting files or designs online. Companies that offer online printing among their services include FedEx and UPS, while some companies also specialize in the service, such as Vistaprint and PS Print.


To print greeting cards from home, load the paper into your printer, set your printing template to the correct size, and print the card. For the design, either use a greeting card website that offers printable cards, or use a program to create your own design.


To print business cards, purchase blank perforated cards at the local business supply store, design the card using a template, load the business card sheets into the printer, and print. Carefully separate the cards at the perforations.


Small businesses can print their own business cards from free templates, notes Brother. However, business owners will still have to invest money in a printer, ink and business card stock.


To print your own business cards, buy perforated business card sheets, find a word processing or card design program, design and print a sample business card, and reproduce the card on the remaining sheets to the desired quantity. View and study different card layouts before designing and printing y


Companies offering printable online gift cards include Amazon.com, iCard Gift Card and Restaurant.com. Printable gift cards feature the name of the gift card retailer. Recipients can redeem gifts cards at the retailer's website by entering a special code.


To print books online, choose a service and put together the book layout. When the layout is finished, buy a barcode, upload the book and order copies.