"Card-stacking" is a technique to exaggerate a position, often through the manipulation or omission of information. For example, when the mayor of a community shows up at an event and uses the opportunity to take over th... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

Card-stacking propaganda is when only one side of an issue is showcased, and the other side is not mentioned or played down. It is frequently used in advertising, such as when commercials for a product only show positive... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Ads in which one political candidate dramatically misrepresents an opponent's policies or where a company displays a polished image of its product next to a less-flattering image of a competitor's product count as card-s... More »

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Beckett offers a subscription-based price guide for Pokémon cards along with up-to-date information. In terms of free services, Pojo and RarityGuide both offer price lists, but these sites do not state how often the incl... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

Throwing a playing card involves a sharp snap of the wrist with a specialized grip to maximize spin. There are at least four grips that are effective for throwing cards: the Herrmann, Thurston, Rick Jay and Josh Hodge me... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

Some easy card tricks include floating and spinning a playing card in midair, levitating or floating a playing card, the magnetic hand and the spelling card trick. Some other easy card tricks are the reversed card, mind ... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

Card Wars is a two-player board game using trading cards featured in the television cartoon, "Adventure Time." The game's purpose is to defeat the other player by using a combination of creatures and spells found on the ... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games