A carat is a unit of measurement for the weight of gemstones, and 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Since density can vary among gemstones, the lengths and widths of gemstones of equal weight varies. More »

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A 1-carat diamond ring is a piece of jewelry that features a 1-carat weight diamond or multiple diamonds totalling 1 carat affixed to a circular band, which is usually made out of a precious metal. The ring is meant to b... More »

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Carat TW stands for carat total weight. It is the combined weight of all the gemstones in a piece of jewelry. More »

Converting from cubic centimeters to ounces can feel intimidating at first, especially since you are dealing with a cubed number and then trying to convert it to a different unit of measurement. One cubic centimeter is e... More »

"Mil thickness" refers to a U.S. engineering unit of measurement that is equal to 0.001 inch. Engineers and manufacturers use mil to rate the thickness of various items, including plastic, paper, sheet metal and aluminum... More »

Knots are the unit of measurement that describes the speed of boats and airplanes. One knot is equal to roughly 1.151 miles per hour. With this conversion factor, 18 knots is equal to roughly 20.718 miles per hour. More »

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CWT stands for a unit of measurement known as the hundredweight. This unit of measurement is utilized in commodities trading contracts for items such as grain paper, oilseed, concrete and livestock. In the United Kingdom... More »