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Car vibrations at high speeds can be caused by several problems. Most of them are felt in the steering wheel and can be traced to the front end of the car. Vibrations at high speeds can lead to tire failure and serious accidents. Whatever the cause of the vibration, don’t ignore the problem and have the vehicle ...


Own a car long enough and there's a good chance you'll develop auto problems of some nature. And one of the most common and most bothersome problems is vibration. What's more, it often creeps up on you gradually and subtly — until one day you find yourself wondering how you ever put up with such an annoyance.


Thank you for helping to understand that tires can cause a car to vibrate if they don’t have the proper balancing. My wife and I were on a road trip last week, and I almost drove off the road when the car started shaking when we reached a specific speed. It seems like it would be a good thing for us to get some new tires on our vehicle.


On the other hand, if your car seems to bounce up and down in the rear end (in RWD vehicles), and you notice the vibration intensifies as you slow down from a high speed, you may be dealing with worn out universal joints (U-joints) on driveshaft.


I had this problem with My FR-S at around 60k miles. It was not pulsating, like you get with warped rotors. Rather, it was a “rumbling”. I first noticed it on a freeway when I was going 85 and had to brake down to about 50. I wasn’t hard braking, ...


Tire vibration can be caused by worn axle bearings. Cars with 125,000+ are suspect of excessive axle bearing wear. The replacement cost varies greatly. On my 2011 Camry the parts cost was < $200 dollars and took about 4 hours to do with some basic tools. The most difficult step was removing the ball joint. Hope this helps.


A car shaking when driving can often mean something different than a car that vibrates when stopped so you’ll want to pay attention to when the shakes are happening. Is it only at idle? Does the vehicle only vibrate at low speeds, high speeds, or a constant speed? If your car only shakes while braking, the cause could also be different.


Vibrations in a car going at a high speed can be caused by numerous issues. Most of these issues are found in the front end of the car. Vibrations in cars are usually experienced in old cars, but they can occur in any car, regardless of whether it is a sprightly new impulse buy or a battered family heirloom.


What are the causes behind steering wheel shakes at high speeds or even at low speeds? Normally if your car is at good conditions, you will navigate it in a very smoothly and consistently way. But sometimes, you experience steering wheel vibration, which means that there are some parts of your car becoming dysfunctional.To help you clear up this issue, our car experts give you some information ...