The most common suspension type for off-road vehicles is a solid-axle leaf-spring system used on both axles. Some more advanced designs may use coil-over springs and an independent front suspension in combination with ei... More » Vehicles

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"Porpoising", or bouncing up and down when going over bumps or potholes is a key sign that a car's rear suspension shocks, struts and coil springs may need to be repaired or replaced. Bouncing and shimmying during turns ... More »

Polaris's side-by-side off-road vehicles offer independent front and rear suspension, power steering, all-wheel drive, turbocharged engines and seating for up to six. Polaris's two lines of side-by-sides are the sport-or... More » Vehicles

Polaris Industries manufactures a variety of off-road vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, electric vehicles and vehicles designed for commercial use. The company's off-road vehicles include sport vehicles and utility veh... More » Vehicles

As of 2015, it is not possible to download free service manuals for Polaris off-road vehicles. Polaris service manuals can be downloaded from the company's website, but customers must pay a fee in order to download them. More » Vehicles

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