Whether or not a person can look up another person's license plate largely depends on the state where the vehicle is registered. Some states allow looking up full license plate and owner information, while others only al... More »

Visit TheftAZ.AZAG.gov or CommunityAgainstCrime.org to search for a stolen vehicle using the license plate number. Both sites offer a database of registered stolen vehicles throughout the United States. More »

A few local state DMVs offer a free license plate check, along with a license plate finder or some other alternative to confirm license plate availability. The DMV's tools are often used to find a license number for a cu... More »

The best way to look up a vehicle owner using a license plate number is through the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state where the vehicle is registered. If the owner is suspected of being involved in an accident or... More »

Finding an individual or business entity based on a license plate number requires a subscription to an information database or a formal request to the DMV in the state where the vehicle is registered. License plate numbe... More »

Tracing the ownership of a vehicle can be done by the registration number of the vehicle, the license plate, the name of the owner or by the Vehicle Identification Number. To find this information, it is necessary to pla... More »

The only way to learn the identity of someone with their license plate number is by contacting the local or state police, and the police can only assist in locating the individual if a person has been involved in an acci... More »