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Diesel exhaust is a major contributor to PM pollution. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) . These pollutants react with nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight to form ground level ozone, a main ingredient in smog.


Exhaust gas or flue gas is emitted as a result of the combustion of fuels such as natural gas, gasoline, petrol, biodiesel blends, ... "California Air Pollution Kills More People Than Car Crashes, Study Shows". Huffington Post. "Automotive Exhaust Chemicals: disease causing effects".


Car Exhaust - Air Pollutants. In cities across the globe, the personal automobile is the single greatest polluter, as emissions from more than a billion vehicles on the road add up to a planet-wide problem. Driving a private car is a typical citizen's most air polluting activity.


Car Pollution. Car pollution is a major cause of damage to the environment. It is also one of the major concerns that environmentalists are dealing with. Air pollution caused by cars is a serious problem. Emissions from car exhaust contain a range of toxic substances that cause car pollution. Some of these harmful substances are described below.


See Disease Effects, Car Exhaust. Reduce Air Pollution by changing the design and use of motor vehicles. The use of cars must be re-defined. Car use has to be considered a privilege, not a right. The cost of environmental damage and reclamation has to be added to the cost of owning and operating a car. Vehicle use should no longer be subsidized.


Car pollutants cause immediate and long-term effects on the environment. Car exhausts emit a wide range of gases and solid matter, causing global warming, acid rain, and harming the environment and human health. Engine noise and fuel spills also cause pollution.


You see it every time that smoke billows from your car's exhaust pipe, so there's no denying that vehicles are major contributors to air pollution. Air pollution refers to the presence of foreign substances in the air that don’t belong there, or excessive amounts of certain impurities that wouldn ...


Vehicles, Air Pollution, and Human Health. Cars and trucks are one of the leading causes of air pollution—but cleaner vehicles can help. You are here. Clean Vehicles; Dirty cars, dirty air. ... Thanks to strong standards, the average new car has gotten 43% more efficient since 1998.


(See Reference 3) Such a sharp incline in traffic volume begs the question: how does car pollution affect the environment and the ozone layer? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ...


The Problem—Increasing Air Pollution in Cities in the mid-1900's. After World War II, economic growth, population growth, rapid suburbanization, and the closing of some public transit systems led to more reliance on personal vehicles for transportation.