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Check your car's engine oil by preparing the car, removing and wiping the dipstick, inserting and removing the dipstick a second time, and reading the oil level. If the oil level is on the crosshatched area of the dipstick, the level is fine.


The best time to check the oil of a car depends on its age; older cars require cold engines for oil checks for the most accurate readings, while dipsticks on newer cars are made to accommodate warm engines. Whenever the oil is checked, the car should be parked on a flat, even surface.


To check car titles for free, obtain the vehicle identification number or VIN of the vehicle and access the website of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Enter the VIN number in the appropriate field on this site, enter a verification code and click on "Search" to conduct the title check.


Check a battery using a voltmeter by assessing the static voltage, testing the voltage under full load and checking the charging system voltage. While there are other tests of a battery, these three are a quick way to determine the health of the battery and the charging system.


CARFAX allows drivers to check a car's vehicle history for free. They have detailed vehicle history reports that provide information about the vehicle's title, mileage, previous accidents, and service records. It also gives information about previous registered owners.


To turn off the check engine light in a car, either bring the car in to a mechanic or use a trouble code scanning tool, then fix the problem that is causing the light to be illuminated. If the light stays on and there is no problem with the engine, then disconnect the battery for a while to reset th


To check a car’s timing belt, first remove the cover to access the belt, and then inspect the belt for problems such as cracks, contaminants that could cause degradation, and damaged or broken teeth. It is also important to check the belt’s tension to determine if it has become stretched.


Banks do not have to honor checks that are more than 180 days old. However, banks have the option of honoring a check older than 180 days.


Policyholders may check on a car insurance claim by contacting an insurance agent by phone. Many insurance providers also offer online tracking services, according to DMV.org. Such services may include text messages with status updates and pictures of vehicle repairs as they are completed.


The Department of Transportation has a section of its main website dedicated to vehicle and vehicle equipment recalls. Once on the website, users can search their exact vehicles to see if they are on the recall list or not.