The purpose of a car's air filter is to prevent dirt and other particles from entering the fuel system or engine. Air filters also prevent particles from entering the air conditioner system. More »

Self-cleaning air filters for cars would not require the air filter to be removed from under the hood of the car, but there are no self-cleaning car air filters for most family-sized vehicles as of 2015. Self-cleaning ai... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Possible locations for the cabin air filter include in the outside air intake, between the blower and the HVAC case, or over the blower at the back of the outside air intake. The owner's manual should indicate where the ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

A car's fuel system stores fuel and supplies it to the engine by mixing the fuel with air, in addition to atomizing and vaporizing it, before it's compressed in the engine cylinder and ignited to produce energy. Differen... More »

A tune-up on cars made before about 1990 consists of contact point, air filter and spark plug replacement, and the adjustment of igniting timing, carburetor and fuel mixture. A tune-up for cars made since 1990 involves s... More »

Parts and tools needed for a car's tune-up include spark plugs, a fuel filter, a socket wrench, a spark plug socket, a spark plug gapping tool, the service manual, screwdrivers, crescent wrenches, a distributor cap, spar... More »

An engine requires air, fuel, and spark to function properly, and when one or more of these components fail, the engine will stall. To confirm what is causing the car's engine to stall, the vehicle's computer will need t... More »