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We have insurance policies that are designed to take care of your collector vehicles Call Texas Texan Insurance 281-998-2500.


Massachusetts collector car insurance from O'Connor & Co. Insurance Agency can give you affordable protection for your prized classic or antique vehicle.


Why Do I Need A NH Classic Auto Insurance Policy: The typical Automobile policy treats all vehicles basically the same. The settlement amount is based on actual ...


Buying insurance for cars which have depreciated value with the passage of years is called an Old Car Insurance. Let's take an example of an old car who's ...


Unrestored Classic Car Classic cars present a unique problem when it comes to repairs. This is why there is a specific insurance product created for those ...


If you have a passion for classic cars and auto restoration, you need an insurance agent to help you protect your vehicles in your garage, on the road and ...


Antique Cars; Antique Trucks; Exotic Cars; High-Quality Classic Car Replicas; Hot Rods; Low Riders; Muscle Cars; Street Rods; Vintage Vehicles.


Most people drive older cars to save money. It might not make sense to over-insure a vehicle if you aren't going to put money into another major repair.


Jul 28, 2021 ... Cars that are old enough may qualify for classic car insurance coverage, but is it necessary, or needed? Read on to find out.


There are a few different “classes” of cars when it comes to specialty and classic auto insurance. A car doesn't always have to be “antique” to be written ...


From little Deuce Coups to '80s muscle cars, Petruzelo's personal insurance agents will get you the all the classic car coverage you need. Get a free quote!