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A canine chiropractor is a veterinary professional that treats dogs for a variety of medical issues by manipulating the joints of the spine and extremities. Research on the benefits of canine chiropractic have produced mixed results.


Foxes belong to the family Canidae, and as the word "canine" is defined as anything relating to or belonging to the Canidae, foxes are canines. Members of this group may also be called canids.


The American Canine Association is a dog registry organization providing services like pedigree information, lifetime genetic health tracking, lost and found monitoring services and educational seminars for dog owners. The ACA explains that a pedigree is the family tree...


Supportive nursing care is the primary treatment for dogs who have recently suffered a stroke. Physical therapy is commonly used after several days of recovery. Sometimes strokes are caused by another condition, such as diabetes mellitus, which must be addressed as a pa...


Common symptoms of canine diabetes are excessive thirst, hunger, excessive urination and weight loss with a normal appetite, states petMD. As the disease progresses, dogs become lethargic and depressed, lose their appetites and often vomit.


Canine skin conditions come in many varieties and are very common. Some are temporary and are treated easily with topical medications or antibiotics, while other problems are chronic and require a change in daily habits.


Some symptoms of canine stroke include walking in circles, head tilted to one side, difficulty in balance and extreme lethargy, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. Other signs include a dog losing control of bladder and bowel movements, or vomiting. M...