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Throughout history, candle wax has been made from several different materials, but most modern forms are made from beeswax, paraffin, vegetable wax and gels. The earliest known candles are from ancient Egyptian and Greek culture and were made from tallow extracted from sheep and cows.


Candle wax comes from a variety of sources, including beeswax, tallow, purified animal fats and paraffin wax. Except for beeswax, these waxes are often refined, melted to a specific melting point and combined with additives to make the desired candle.


Cut wax candles by using a knife or chisel depending on the type of candle. The time needed for this project depends on how much wax you want to cut. You need a putty knife or brownie cutter, a hammer, a chisel and a utility knife.


To get candle wax out of hair, use paper towels and a blow dryer. To use this method, place the affected hair between two paper towels and melt the wax.


While commercial solvents may not reliably dissolve candle wax, a combination of scraping and reheating can remove spills on clothes and carpets. Candle wax left in glass containers can be removed by reheating and wiping with a paper towel.


Candle wax generally melts at 160 degrees Fahrenheit or less, depending on the type of wax and what is mixed in it. Which wax is used depends on the type of container the candle is in as waxes with different melting points suit different types of containers.


To remove candle wax from crystal, gently scrape away the excess wax, immerse in hot water to soften the stuck-on wax, use a delicate sponge to wipe wax from any crevasses on the crystal, and wash in warm, sudsy water. Avoid pouring melted wax down the drain to prevent clogs.


To remove candle wax from leather, freeze the wax, and gently scrape away the remnants. If a stain remains, make a paste with earth powder and water, let it dry on the stain, and brush it off with a soft toothbrush. Apply a leather conditioner.


To remove candle wax from brick, scrape the wax with a dull knife, and use a heat gun to melt the wax residue. Finally, blot the wax with a soft cloth. You need a dull knife, a heat gun and soft cloths to complete this task.


To remove candle wax from wood, rub the wax with an ice cube to harden it. Next, gently scrape it off with a piece of thin plastic, like an expired credit card. Last, rub the wood with cream furniture polish.