As of August 2015, ABC plans to offer a fourth season of "Nashville" during the 2015-16 television season. The premiere date for the show's fourth season is Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015. More » Art & Literature

Some TV shows cancelled in 2014 include “Revolution,” “Community” and “The Crazy Ones.” From new shows to cult favorites, these prime time dramas and comedies could not maintain enough viewers to stay on the air. More » Art & Literature

Declines in popularity lead to the cancellation of the "Dallas" TV show by TNT. The number of viewers shrunk from 7 million in 2012 to less than 2 million by the end of 2014 summer season. The show was a rebirth of the h... More » Art & Literature
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The musical drama television series "Nashville" first aired Oct. 10, 2012, on ABC. The pilot episode centers around a proven, yet aging country music star, Rayna Jaymes, being asked to perform as an opening act for a new... More » Art & Literature

As of August 2015, ABC has the 5 most recent episodes of "Nashville" available to stream on its website, Episodes are available for a limited time and are replaced as new episodes air. More » Art & Literature

Hayden Panattiere stars in a leading role on the ABC series "Nashville." Her character, Juliette Barnes, overcame a difficult childhood to become one of the top-selling country music stars in the world. Panatierre began ... More » Art & Literature

The ABC musical drama television series "Nashville" is available to watch on and offers the first five episodes of the series and the five most recent episodes at any given time for free, as of... More » Art & Literature