One can delete a Yahoo account by visiting the "Terminating Your Yahoo Account" page. Deleting a Yahoo email account will erase everything associated with it. More » Technology E-mail

A person can cancel a Club Pogo account by first logging into the account online and selecting the "My Account" section of the site. From that page, select the "Billing and Subscriptions" tab and choose "Cancel Subscript... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games

To cancel your account with T-Mobile, call customer service or live chat with a T-Mobile representative. Phone numbers for customer service are available on the T-Mobile contact page. Access to Live chat is also availabl... More » Technology Mobile
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To block emails in Yahoo from certain senders, log into your email account, locate the Settings menu, click on Blocked Addresses, then enter the email addresses that you want to block. Click Block, then select Save to ap... More » Technology E-mail

To register for a Yahoo account, go to the Yahoo sign-in page, enter your first and last name, a Yahoo user name and password, and a mobile phone number. Yahoo will not create a new account without a valid mobile phone n... More » Technology E-mail

To change your Yahoo password, sign in to your Yahoo account. In the Sign-In and Security section, click Change Your Password, type in the new password in the New Password field, and then confirm it by typing it again in... More » Technology E-mail

To get a Yahoo account, visit the Yahoo homepage at Hover your mouse on Sign In near the top-right corner of the page and click Sign Up. Enter your personal information, then read the Yahoo Terms and Privacy a... More » Technology E-mail