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Some Canadian foods are poutine, maple syrup, BeaverTails, tourtière and Montreal bagels. BeaverTails and Montreal bagels are pastry-type foods, tourtière are meat pies and poutine is a dish consisting of French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. Canada is the top producer of maple syrup in t


Some popular Canadian foods include poutine, beaver tails, ketchup chips, butter tarts and tourtiere. Poutine, one of Canada's most well-known cuisines, consists of french fried potatoes topped with cheese curds and smothered in brown gravy.


Emma, Hailey, Carter and Christopher are common Canadian names. On Canada's west coast, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Ethan and Liam are popular, whereas Faith, Kayleigh, Cameron and Noah are common on the east coast. In the French-speaking province of Quebec, favourites are Ariane, Laurie, Jérémy and Mathis


Canadians wear modest clothing similar in style and make to fashion in the USA, as the two cultures are closely shared. The major difference is that their styles are often more modest and utilitarian.


The Canadian Black Book gives consumers vehicle trade-in values, future values and average asking prices on vehicles before they sell or trade-in their cars. In addition, the Canadian Black Book offers consumers both new and used car prices, vehicle listings, and reviews.


Broadly speaking, clothing trends in Canada vary from region to region and according to cultural backgrounds, with those in Vancouver being rather casual, and those in Toronto likened to British styles. French Canadians, meanwhile, commonly have a casual European style of dress. Canadians, in genera


Suncor Energy, Enbridge, Imperial Oil and Canadian Natural Resources are some Canadian oil companies. Many of them are involved in all aspects of the oil business, including exploration, drilling, transportation, refining, and production and distribution of industrial and consumer end user products.


Clearly Canadian, one of the first flavored sparkling water brands to market itself as a healthy alternative to traditional soft drinks, faltered in the early 2000s when faced with fierce competition, strategic missteps and legal troubles. In late 2013, the company launched an online grassroots camp


Some Canadian national parks include Bruce Peninsula National Park, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Georgian Bay Islands National Park, Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve and Prince Edward Island National Park. Other National Parks of Canada are Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Glacier


Poutine and beaver tails are popular, uniquely Canadian dishes. Canadian dishes are often made using a smoker. Smoked salmon and smoked beef sandwiches are also popular in Canada.