and are two websites that offer Canadian business and personal address searches. Both websites offer standard searches as well as reverse searches, and offers a social media search that ... More »

There are free online services that allows users to search for people in Canada, including Canada411, Infobel and Canada Free People Search. Users can search by name, address, province, zip code or phone number. More » Government & Politics Public Records

Canada 411 is a free online directory for people and businesses located in Canada. Similarly to the American version called the Whitepages, one can look up a residence or business listing by using a name, location or pho... More » Government & Politics Public Records

To use the Canadian white pages, type the name, address or phone number of the person you wish to locate into the search bar on the front page of or Searches on White Pages only return results... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Users can find Canada 411 Yellow Pages at This website allows users to find both individuals and businesses. To view a specialized Yellow Pages account, users can visit More » Government & Politics Public Records

Find telephone numbers for people living in Canada by using sites such as or Simply type in the name of the person, and these sites will bring up a list of available phone numbers. More »

A reverse phone number search is performed on a site that specializes in various types of phone and address searches. Sites require a phone number to perform the search. More » Government & Politics Public Records