CanLaw recommends using Canadian directory services, including Yellow Pages, Whitepages and Canada 411, to find information about individuals and businesses. These sites provide an individual's contact details, along wit... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

Find telephone numbers for people living in Canada by using sites such as or Simply type in the name of the person, and these sites will bring up a list of available phone numbers. More »

The Canada 411 people finder is very effective if the user is familiar with the website and knows how to perform a basic search. There are several options to either search for a person or a business entity using the webs... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Canada 411 Francais is a search engine run by Yellow Pages Canada that allows francophone users to search for people or businesses within Canada. The search engine also has reverse phone number lookup capability and seve... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Canada 411 is a free online directory for people and businesses located in Canada. Similarly to the American version called the Whitepages, one can look up a residence or business listing by using a name, location or pho... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Several websites including Whitepages, Yellow Pages and Canada 411 provide directory services for Canadian cities such as Kitchener. Whitepages allows users to search for an individual using his first and last name as we... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Canadian residents or visitors can find phone numbers in Canada by looking them up on Canada 411 or the Yellow Pages directory. These directories are available online or as mobile applications. More » Government & Politics Public Records