Canada Goose does not operate an outlet store but sells its products only through authorized retailers that never offer current products on discount, according to its website. The company warns customers that any Canada ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Canada geese inhabit lakes, ponds and other bodies of water throughout the continental United States and most of Canada. They are 30 to 43 inches long, weigh 6.6 to 19.8 pounds and have a wingspan of about 4 to 5.6 feet.... More » Pets & Animals Birds

A female goose does not have a specific name. A male goose is known as a gander, and babies are goslings. A group of geese form a flock or gaggle. A skein is a group of geese in flight; geese flying in the "V" formation ... More »

There are no Macy's locations in Canada, but the store website,, offers international shipping. All of the items in the United States Macy's stores are available on the website. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Winners Canada is a popular location to purchase name-brand clothing and shoes for men, women and children at a discount. The exact selection of products and designers available in stores can vary widely from week to wee... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

A typical Lululemon outlet in Canada offers both male and female active wear, including but not limited to: tank tops, jackets, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, casual pants, running shorts, zip-ups and sports accessories. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Tommy Hilfiger outlet stores are located in many cities in Canada, including Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and Richmond. On the Tommy Hilfiger website, there are more than 50 outlet stores located in more than 40 cities in... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing