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A keg of beer can spoil. The spoilage does not make the beer harmful to drink, but it does significantly alter its flavor. Beer may spoil due to the growth of harmless bacteria or exposure to oxygen.


2. Using a Kegerator with CO2. Unlike the manual pump above, a kegerator using CO2 to dispense your beer will keep it fresher for much longer. This is because the keg remains pressurized, but avoids oxidation. In this instance, your beer can remain fresh for months, but the overall time really depends on the beer itself.


As you can see, the answer to the main question is affirmative, beer can go bad. If it’s a pasteurized beer, it happens extremely rarely, but it might happen. Storing beer for an extended period of time, however, isn’t beneficial to the beer and if it’s a standard lager, it’s better to consume it before the “Use By” date.


Does Beer Go Bad If It's Not Refrigerated? While refrigeration extends the shelf life of beer, it does not prevent it from going bad. Beer can be stored safely for a period of time in an unrefrigerated environment, preferably one that is cool and dry. ... Can a Keg of Beer Spoil? Related Search. Does Beer Go Bad If It's Not Refrigerated? does ...


Absolutely everything. Packaging can affect a beer’s exposure to light and oxygen, two big enemies of beer. Light. Ultraviolet light can cause beer to become “lightstruck,” a term often and wrongly used for all sorts of off flavors, but it is only responsible for one of them. Without getting technical, UV light reacts with alpha acids in ...


So you have a few bottles or cans of beer sitting in the pantry for a few months already. The best-by date is soon approaching or the beer is already past it. Does beer go bad? Common sense would suggest that beer retains its quality for a long time as long as you didn't open it, but that's not true.


Slight temperature changes will not spoil your beer. Large temperature changes will. The "skunky" beer is actually lightstruck. This is exactly what it says: the beer has been damaged by light, such as sunlight or florescent light. When UV lights penetrate the glass of a beer bottle, they mess with the chemical makeup of some acids produced by ...


How long does beer last? Beer lasts for about 6-9 months beyond dates on the label. Does beer go bad? Beer eventually goes flat and taste bad. Follow our suggestions to keep yours fresh as long as possible. Since beer is a type of alcohol, many people ask, "does beer go bad?" and "does beer expire?"


The rate at which beer will spoil is dependent upon the combination of all three of these factors. If you dispense your beer with a party pump, which uses air instead of CO2 to drive the beer, you can only expect your beer to remain fresh for 8-12 hours.


"shelf life" of a tapped keg. Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by odiedog52, Mar 30, 2012. ... there is no difference in shelf life between beer gas and CO2. none. the beer will not spoil any faster or slower with one or another. if the system is not balanced properly then this could be relevant, but that is a dfferent post.