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A car can run without a Thermostat . BUT , It's playing a dangerous game without one , It can quickly boil without much warning and could run poorly in cold weather . If it is just for a temporary Fix , It would be fine to leave the Thermostat out until you can get a replacement


A car can run without a thermostat. However, operating a vehicle without a thermostat may result in serious engine damage caused by the engine operating at too high a temperature. The car engine is designed to operate between 90 and 110 degrees Celsius.


How to Drive Cars Without a Thermostat ... Consequently, your engine will run too "rich" and performance will be affected. Step 4. You may think your engine would overheat without a thermostat in place, but actually, the opposite is true. A car without a thermostat would never even warm to operating temperature, much less overheat. The lack of ...


Any car can be run without a thermostat BUT the effiency of the car will suffer as the vechicle will either take a long time to reach its peak operating temprature - or it never will (depending on ...


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Yes it can. Most water-cooled engines will run just fine without a thermostat. However there are some issues that could pop up. A thermostat is used to bring the engine up to design operating temperature promptly, then keep it at that temperature.


Yes, you can drive a car without a thermostat. The thermostat function is to force the engine to operate at a specified temperature. Combustion engines are more efficient when operated hot. Of course too much heat is detrimental to the engines life. Drive it as long as you desire without the thermostat.


I have had several opposing views expressed to me about whether it makes a car run cooler in the summer to remove the thermostat. Does it? Lee TOM: Yes, Lee, removing the thermostat does make the car run cooler. But you should never, ever do it. RAY: Everybody knows that it's not good for a car to run too hot. But you may not know that it's ...


The other problem is that when they fail, most will be stuck in the closed position and thus can cause car to overheat. When the engine starts the computer puts it in a alternative configuration until it is warmed up. The computer reduces performance (including increasing fuel consumption to make the car run rich).


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