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I heard that you can use shampoo as laundry detergent. How? I have a bunch of tiny hotel shampoo bottles I'd love to use up. Cherry Young, via e-mail


Many carpet cleaning devices can use a variety of cleaning agents help get your carpets clean. Even a small amount of liquid laundry detergent can be used to help remove dirt and grime from your carpets. This is a guide about using laundry detergent in your carpet cleaner.


In a pinch any soap product could substitute for any other, but of course you have the be very careful. Since most laundry detergent is intentionally low sussing and most shampoo is the opposite, you need to use just a fraction of what you might o...


Do you use laundry detergent for shampooing your carpets? If so, I'd love to hear what type of detergent you use, how much you add to your machine, and any other tips and tricks you've learned from using this product in this way. You can also share your homemade carpet cleaning solution recipes here or read others that have already been submitted.


Shampoo can be used to hand wash garments, but it should never be used in a washing machine. ... Can You Use Shampoo for Laundry Detergent? Shampoo can be used to hand wash garments, but it should never be used in a washing machine. It causes the machine to overflow with suds and may also ruin the clothes being washed.


Actually you can use shampoo, shampoo was designed to remove oil and dirt from hair, it will work in your washer, use the same amount as you would detergent. I have used dawn dish washing liquid on my husbands work clothes, also I am a farmer so I keep it around for really grimy clothes. use what you have.


Three-quarters of a cup of baking soda cleans a full load of laundry. This can be a costly alternative, so it is best used as a temporary substitute until you purchase your regular detergent. For a long-term substitution, you can easily make a homemade laundry detergent with baking soda, a bar of soap and water. Grate one bar of soap, any brand.


The best idea is to hand wash just the one thing you really must have (we'll get to hand washing detergent alternatives). But, if you need to do a larger load of dirty laundry in the washer, there are some safe alternatives for your usual detergent and tips you can use to eke out enough detergent for one more load.


How to Clean a Carpet With Laundry Detergent By Mel ... Laundry detergent is designed to clean many types of fabric, from clothing to carpeting. The detergent will actually wash the carpet, leaving it fresh and free of residue. Clean your carpet with laundry detergent. Step 1 Remove the fluid canister from a steam-cleaning unit. Step 2


You thought you had enough laundry soap to get you to the end of the week, but you made a gross miscalculation. Here’s what to do… In an emergency, when you must do a wash and you don’t have any laundry detergent (or baking soda), use shampoo…that is, if you have shampoo.