The bank can chose to honor a stop payment request on a certified check. The bank may be liable for damages relating to a wrongful dishonor if it chooses to enforce the stop payment request. More »

The law allows consumers to contact their bank and request a stop-payment on a check if the money has not already been moved from the account, states the FDIC. In most states, a written request for stop-payment is honore... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Bank Accounts

When someone stops payment on a check, their bank may charge them to do so, according to Bankrate. As of 2005, these charges ranged between $18 and $32 among the largest banks. More »

Kitsap Bank offers online bill pay, online payments and the ability to put a stop payment on a check. Other online services include the ability to set up balance notifications and alerts. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

Go to the bank and request written certification that a check you plan to present is good. This takes the form of a written acknowledgment from the bank that the check itself is real and that enough money is present in t... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

A counter check is bank-provided check that takes the place of a personal check. Banks only issue counter checks to active account holders. More »

The bank on which the check is drawn should be able to honor it with no problems. However, if the recipient takes it to his bank, the processing machine might have problems reading the material at the bottom of the check... More »