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As you can see from this chart, some LH surges are long, and others are short. If you happen to have a long LH surge, it doesn’t mean you are more fertile—it simply means you will get a few days of positive LH tests before you actually ovulate.


Ovulation predictor kits can be expensive, and the cost can add up if you use several of them throughout a cycle, or through multiple cycles. Other ways to detect your LH surge


You cannot have an luteinizing hormone surge and ovulate on the same day. According to WebMD, LH increases rapidly shortly before ovulation. Ovulation occurs around 36 hours after the LH surge. LH is a hormone that plays a role in regulating the menstrual cycle and egg production.


If you have rregular periods you will ovulate 11-15 day after that periods have startet. 1 - 3 october is the first day tht you may ovulate.You can use a LH predictior test to have a more acurate ...


With knowing the relations between LH surge and ovulation, you will naturally want to know how long you will ovulate after LH surge. According to researches, the LH surge usually occurs 24 to 36 hours ahead of the ovulation. The LH surge just give reliable signals about the peak fertile days that you can try to conceive with high chances.


I don’t have specific answers to your questions but I can tell you that I’m having nearly exactly the same experience…recent miscarriage, stopped bleeding from the m/c last Friday, checked for the first time last night and the OPK showed an LH surge. I have no idea if the LH surge is from the m/c or is an actual surge.


What you know is that your LH is at a level that is detectable as a surge by the kit. It may have started to surge soon after your test the previous day and be starting to trail, or it may be just starting to surge. In a case where it looks on the chart as if ovulation occurred the same day as the surge, here is what may have happened: 1. LH ...


After this disappoitment, i went back to my chart and noticed that even in the past, the charts always show ovulation on the same date or the next as the surge. I usually have a dip in temp before Ovulation and that's when the surge shows up too.


Yes it is possible to O on the same day as a positive OPK. O can happen anywhere from 12 to 48 hours after the first +OPK. But, hypothetically, if you caught your surge at the end of it then you might have O already.


Typically you ovulate the next day you catch the surge thru your OPK. But acc to FF the ovulation could also happen the same day. So it'll b a good idea to BD the same night and also the next day/night of the surge.